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May contain ponies.

My Official Characters: (* = MOST ACTIVE)

Gunslingrs (Working Title):

  • Ellis Magson* - Main Protagonist
  • Julie Magson - Ellis's Mother
  • Max Magson - Ellis's Father
  • Jon Magson - Ellis's Grandfather, WWII Veteran
  • Michael Magson - Ellis's Great Grandfather
  • Elias Magson - Ellis's Great Great Grandfather
  • Eila Magson - Ellis's daughter, if he has one
  • Starks Figley*
  • Stacey Figiel*
  • Baxter Figiel - Stacey's Uncle
  • Butch Smith - Main Antagonist
  • Stacy Smith - Butch's younger sister
  • Trixie Gray - Stacy Smith's Alter-ego
  • Francis Smith - Father of the 2 Smith Siblings
  • Antonio Smith - Butch's Great Great Grandfather
  • Biff Lannen - an intern of Butch
  • Barry Lannen Shared with Petalierre
  • Charles Castillian - a creepy English gun seller
  • Gray - could be Ellis's rival
  • Chad Bradley - Men's Baseball Varsity Team Captain
  • Reginald Ruhmann - they call him "Red the Dagger Boy"
  • Aiden Williams - ???


  • No-Name aka Jeff Sanderson
  • Ronaldo Fisher aka Ron Fisher Minecraft OC
  • Daniel Doltback Minecraft OC
  • Derek Miller - the gynophobic (anti-female) guy
  • Diana Montes - the first girl Derek encountered
  • Mr. Dangerous - an insane stuntman, retired last 2006
  • Death Jam - DJ for short, uses the power of dubstep
  • Jap Guarraci aka JapplePie86 Minecraft OC, with JP Guzman
  • Edmund Luther Crux aka Cross Star VS The Forces of Evil Fan OC, Protagonist
  • Jestarr Kidd Star VS The Forces of Evil Fan OC, Antagonist

Canon Character Pairing~❤️:

(who's next?~❤️)


Some stuff I like from other artists. Keep up the good work.


May still contain ponies.




Real Life:


Relationship Status:


ID112 - Org7: The Legendary Trio 07-06-12


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Eligar O. Magararu II
Artist | Student | Varied


I see you may have stumbled on my profile.
First off, introductions, I'm Eligar O. Magararu II but you may address me as:
  • Ellis, a name everyone is familiar of from my username and my main OC, Ellis Magson.
  • Eligar, calling me by my first name, you may do so if we're that close to prevent any awkward atmosphere.

Short Self Description:

    I am a student, studying in De La Salle College of Saint Benilde taking Bachelor of Arts in Animation. My main medium would be the use of both Adobe Flash CS6 and CC. I don't have anything else to say but there is much more to know about me (other than my artist statement down below) if I came to like your attitude and at the same time, if you'd be a loyal comrade.

Traditional User STAMP by DrayuuMouse User STAMP by DrayuuTablet User STAMP by Drayuu
Flash stamp by mushirPhotoshop Stamp by mushirAutodesk Maya Stamp by the4ce

Artist Statement:

    I used to make doodles a lot during my younger years, perhaps it was the birth of a new path for me. I was influenced by western cartoons long before we had cable through the VHS tapes my mother gave to me. However, as I illustrated what I saw, it was not the style or the anatomy I was attempting to mimic but the movement I have observed through one single frame. The only way I could illustrate those movements was through stick people and I have been doing that ever since.

    My sense in animation was then triggered by Nickelodeon, from one commercial where they demonstrated how to animate a bouncing ball from one page to another with the use of sticky notes. Out of curiosity of the possibilities, I began to mimic the process with the use of the edges of my school book pages. I soon began self-studying about animation when I got my hands on a computer to animate digitally. As I grew older, I soon learned such skill is now the foundation I forged for my own future career.

    Throughout my journey, I have met fellow artists both online and offline. We have shared the kind of mutual inspiration with each other as we kept our hands on our pencils or any other medium of our choice. We all have that one common belief and that is to inspire others and to be well known like the great ones.

    My own art style may vary, I am more influenced by the internet artists and video games than the western cartoons or anime you see on television but I often have trouble thinking out of the box. My own skills are fitted for motion graphics, 3D props design and a bit of visual development. As a result, my current works are mostly composed of vector drawings, flash animations and a few bits of 3D art.

    As I continue my journey on this path I have chosen, it is still unclear which field I am to be mostly satisfied. There is much more to learn, much more to explore, it is still a long way to go. This, what I used to call a "hobby" is now my profession, with it I shall seek what lies ahead of me.

Other accounts:

Youtube: EllisO2
TwitchTV: EllisO2
Blogger: Ellis02Anims
Skype: Classified
Facebook: Classified (If you ever try and find me as Ellis Magson, you got the wrong person)
Steam: Classified

If you wish to obtain the classified information above, feel free to note me. However, I don't just give it out to anyone.
I have been around dA for a long while now, 4 years... And I think it's time to set up some commissions for the first time but don't worry, since I'm a lazy ass I'll start off cheap, and no I'd be using Paypal (which I'll be setting up soon) not dA points. It would go to a range of static and animated GIF icons, portraits, full body (all from cheap sketches, lineart, flat colors, full render and full render + background) and... Well, I should list these down soon. Hey, I got to make a living you know. But I'm aware that I'm not going to lure in at least a few costumers that easy too. //e-e;;

But might as well give it a shot.

Update 063015:
I am unsure about Paypal, Jhona already encountered a prob because she doesn't have a credit card. I think I better go research about connecting Paypal to BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands).
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: "Toe to Toe" by Streetlight Manifesto
  • Reading: N/A
  • Watching: Star VS The Forces of Evil
  • Playing: Besiege
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: N/A

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